MACD Annual Meeting

The Michigan Association of Conservation Districts 2017 annual meeting was held on Thursday, November 2, at Shanty Creek Resorts in Bellaire, MI.

Results of the meeting are outlined below.  

2017 Officer Elections

Members of MACD elected the following individuals to serve two year terms.

Art Pelon, Ionia Conservation District Board Chair and MACD President

Vice President:
Gerald Miller, Kent Conservation District Vice Chair and MACD Vice President

Nominations for Secretary Treasurer:
Elaine Brown, Clinton Conservation District Treasurer and MACD Region 7 Vice Chair

2017 Resolutions

Districts, Regional Councils, Association Committees and the State Council may propose a resolution.  The following resolutions were submitted for consideration.

    Policy Resolution 2017-1: Farm Bill Conservation Title.  PASSED

    Policy Resolution 2017-2:  Conservation District Actions for Improved Septic System Management in Michigan.  FAILED

Late Policy Resolution – 2017-1:  MACD to support USDA Farm Service Agency’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP).  PASSED 

Late Policy Resolution – 2017–2:  A Resolution to Develop Alternatives to the Pipelines under the Great Lakes.  PASSED

Bylaw Amendment 2017-1: To provide for the engagement of Associate Directors on the MACD State Council.  PASSED

By-Law Amendment 2017-2: To revise the list of Conservation Districts within the Region Listing. PASSED

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