4.19.18 WEPs RUSLE2 training hosted by MAEAP - June 19th

Thursday, April 19, 2018

MAEAP is partnering with NRCS to host a WEPs and RUSLE2 Trainings on June 19th at the MSU Agronomy Farm in East Lansing.  This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the tools and how to evaluate erosion risk.  The training will include classroom instruction and computer work and will be taught by Jerry Grigar from NRCS.  The expected audience is MAEAP technicians and other Conservation District staff.  This is a CORE training for MAEAP technicians. 

Register Here https://wepsrusle2.eventbrite.com    Bring a computer pre-loaded with NRCS software if available.  The event RSVP page has links to software.

Wind Erosion (WEPS)  Soil erosion by wind is a serious problem in the United States and the world. Wind Erosion can be a threat to agriculture productivity and the sustainability of the earth’s natural resources.  The erosion of surface soil by wind renders the soil less productive by removing the most fertile part of the soil, namely, the clays and organic matter.  This removal of clay and organic matter reduces native productivity of the soil and damages soil structure and biological activity, which are essential soil qualities for a healthy soil resource.  The ability to accurately simulate soil loss by wind is essential for, among other things, environmental and conservation planning, natural resource inventories, and reducing air and water pollution from wind-blown soil materials.

Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2  (RUSLE2)  RUSLE2 is used to evaluate potential erosion rates at specific sites as well as guide conservation and erosion control planning. RUSLE2 uses factors that represent the effects of climate (erosivity, precipitation, and temperature), soil erodibility, topography, cover-management, and support practices to compute soil erosion. Conservation planning concepts must be understood and implemented into the RUSLE2 program in order for this program to work effectively.

Andrea Stay

Grants and MAEAP Training Liaison

Environmental Stewardship Division

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Phone: 517-285-7482

4.11.18 Shelby Burlew

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Good Morning!

Please join us in congratulating Shelby Burlew, who is our new MAEAP Verifier!  Welcome, Shelby! 

Please make note of her new email address, BurlewS@michigan.gov , and discontinue emailing her at her MSU email address. 

Shelby’s new cell phone number is 989-415-1856. 

Thank you,

Andrea J. Andrews-


Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development

Environmental Stewardship Division

PH: 517-284-5609

4/4/18 GS Points name change

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Announcing the end of GS Points and the beginning of MAEAP Happenings

Thanks for opening this G.S. Points!  Many of you have asked, what does the G.S. stand for?  It harkens back to the days of the Groundwater Stewardship Program, that ran from 1995 to 2010.  This program was combined with MAEAP to get us where we are today.  During my time in Lansing, I’ve had numerous people ask why we still use it if the program no longer exists in it’s original form.  Great question!

So, to lessen confusion, we are renaming this listserve to “MAEAP Happenings”.  This will be used to inform program partners about important updates, training announcements, and partner articles of interest.

Thank you,


Joe Kelpinski

MAEAP Program Manager

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

517-284-5608 Office

586-206-2862 Cell

MAEAP color final logo COLOR with slogan

Michigan MarketMaker

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Michigan MarketMaker provides opportunities for Michigan growers marketing directly to consumers.   Please see the information below.  I encourage you to make your growers aware of this opportunity, including the MAEAP recognition for verified participants.


Michigan MarketMaker Updates


For over six years, Michigan MarketMaker lead by the Michigan State University Product Center has featured MAEAP verified producers in its online searchable directory. Michigan MarketMaker is part of a larger national network of linked MarketMaker sites connecting farmers, producers and other food related businesses to potential markets. The Michigan MarketMaker site currently includes 560 farmers and grower profiles that can be searched by location, product and other characteristics. MAEAP members who also register on MarketMaker have a “badge” attached on their profile and their own separate directory listing that also explains the MAEAP program and its benefits.  http://mi.foodmarketmaker.com/catalog/affiliation/12

You are encouraged to take a few minutes to log in to Michigan MarketMaker and create profile so your farm can be featured in the directory. Michigan MarketMaker is a free service. By signing up and checking the box in your profile indicating you are a MAEAP verified farm, we can create an increased awareness that allows us to spread the word about verified operations across the state. In addition, market research shows that many consumers are interested in environmental stewardship and want to spend their money at those businesses.

A new feature that will be rolled out this summer is a “What’s in season?” app for smartphones. This will allow consumers to search for fresh local produce and see a map of where the produce is located.

Just go to Michigan MarketMaker http://mi.foodmarketmaker.com/ and click on the registration link in the upper right hand corner and create a profile for your operation. Once you have set up an account you can go in and make changes to your information any time that is convenient.

If you already have a profile in Michigan MarketMaker we strongly encourage you to log in and make sure all your information is current. If you have trouble accessing your account or have forgotten your password email contact@foodmarketmaker.com/

As a special incentive, those who create a new profile in MarketMaker by July 1 will be entered into a drawing to win a free registration to the Making It In Michigan Conference and Trade Show that will take place on November 7, 2017 at the Lansing Center.

For additional information contact Joanne Davidhizar, MSU Extension MarketMaker Coordinator at davidhiz@anr.msu.edu.


Joe Kelpinski

MAEAP Program Manager

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

517-284-5608 Office

586-206-2862 Cell