Water Fundamentals & Water Wells Training 2.15.17

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Water Fundamentals and Water Wells Training

February 15, 2017, 9am-4pm

MAEAP will host core training on Water Fundamentals and Water Wells.  Register at https://waterfundamentals.eventbrite.com

The training will cover:

·       Introduction to Michigan’s Groundwater Resources:  Covers the occurrence, distribution, abundance and vulnerability of groundwater resources in Michigan. Overview of digital resources for characterizing local groundwater resources in preparation for a Farm*A*Syst visit.

·       Introduction to Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Covers septic system types, system inspections and maintenance needs.

·       Well Construction Basics and Drinking Water Protection: Overview of types of water wells, Michigan’s Well Construction Code, assessing wellhead susceptibility to contamination, water well testing

·       Michigan Water Withdrawal Assessment, Water Use Reporting, and Conflict Resolution Programs

·       and other topics of interest!

The intended audience is newer MAEAP technicians.  Other interested Conservation District Staff are also welcome.

Andrea Stay

Grants and MAEAP Training Liaison

Environmental Stewardship Division

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Cell Phone: 517-285-7482

Office: 517-284-5613





Tree Fruit Specialization Training Opportunity Feb 1-3 2017

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Conservation District Managers and MAEAP Technicians:

This year, the 2017 Michigan State University Tree Fruit IPM School will be eligible to serve as the training requirement for the Tree Fruit  MAEAP technician specialization.  Full event details are listed below.  To document that you participated, following the event please email me proof of registration.


Andrea Stay

Grants and MAEAP Training Liaison

Environmental Stewardship Division

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Cell Phone: 517-285-7482

Register for Tree Fruit IPM School by January 11th


Registration is now open for the 2017 Michigan State University Tree Fruit IPM School.  This year, the meeting will be held on February 1-3 at Hotel Indigo in Traverse City, MI. They will feature speakers that will address key challenges in orchard systems and how we can maintain and optimize IPM strategies in the 21st century, particularly in relation to invasive insect pests that have changed these strategies. We will also explore orchard diseases and how to balance disease control and resistance management.  Participants will learn how to identify and differentiate symptoms of traditional orchard insect pests, newer invasive species, diseases, and physiological disorders. Lastly, we have included important horticultural strategies to grow high quality fruit. 

 We are pleased to announce that three guest speakers are on our lineup this year – Dr. Tracy Leskey, of USDA ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station, will join us to share the experience and status of brown marmorated stink bug management from the perspective of growers in Eastern states.  Dr. Leskey will also present her latest research on spotted wing drosophila. Dr. Lailiang Cheng of Cornell University will address nutritional issues of apples, including nutrient requirements of Gala and mitigating bitter pit in Honeycrisp. Finally, Sara Villani of North Carolina State University Extension will discuss how to resist SDHI fungicide resistance and her latest research on apple scab management.

The cost of registration is $175 and includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, refreshments, beverages for the Pub Quiz Social Hour, and a binder with course materials. Dinner and lodging are on your own. Don’t forget to mention MSU IPM Fruit School for a discounted room rate at Hotel Indigo until January 22nd.  To register, please mail a check made payable to Michigan State University and a completed registration form (attached) to:  

Jenn Zelinski

NW MI Horticultural Research Center

6686 S. Center Hwy

Traverse City, MI 49684

Registrations must be post-marked by January 11th. Questions? Please contact Emily Pochubay (pochubay@msu.edu) or Jenn Zelinski (goodr100@msu.edu), 231-946-1510.




MAEAP Lansing Staff vacancy and roles

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

MDARD currently has a vacancy in the MAEAP secretary position that we expect to fill later this winter.  For now, please use the following task list to help you decide who to contact.  

Heather Casteel

  • Farmer call in/verifications
  • Update contact info in technician directory
  • Send new technician binder
  • Updates www.maeap.org

Stacy Smith

  • Sends GS Points
  • Request for supplies (Emergency tubes, copies of assessments, brochures) 

Andrea Stay

  • Training questions
  • Request for Phase 1 approval

Bob Pigg

  • MAEAP Database access
  • Well monitoring supplies

Database Questions and Concerns: Send to Bob Pigg, cc Joe Kelpinski and Andrea Stay.

Completed Phase 1: When a Phase 1 event is completed – you no longer mail the packet back to MDARD.  You will now enter the attendance directly into the database.  For large multi-county events you can mail to Heather Casteel.

MAEAP Reporting: MAEAP technicians no longer need to submit a monthly report by the 7th of each month.  Moving forward we will generate those reports based on your inputs into the database.  Other grant reporting (financial and goal setting) should still be sent to MDA-ESD-Grants@michigan.gov.

Event Booths: Work through your verifier for access to MAEAP displays.  

MAEAP Tech Monthly Reporting

Monday, December 05, 2016

No Need for Monthly Reports

Just a note to remind MAEAP technicians that they no longer need to submit a monthly report by the 7th of each month.  With the implementation of the new database, Bob Pigg has put together the monthly reporting numbers that we formerly asked to be included in the report.  Moving forward we will generate those reports based on your inputs into the database, which is a reminder to continue migrating data into the system as soon as possible.  As mentioned at the database trainings and MACD, we are looking for technicians to have this process completed by the middle of January.  Some technicians have not logged into the system as of yet.  If you are having trouble accessing the system, or inputting data, please contact your local verifier or Bob Pigg to assist you with getting started.