MAEAP Phase 1 Credits

Friday, February 17, 2017

MAEAP Phase 1 events are an important educational first step towards verification. 


Last year there were 124 Phase 1 events with 8,429 attendees!  Many of the events are submitted and/or hosted by local MAEAP technicians in partnership with other organizations.  The MAEAP grants do require that technicians hold one on-farm field day that qualifies as a phase 1.  Many technicians submit multiple events throughout the year. 


Other partners (Ag Industry, Foresters, Watershed Groups, and more) can also request phase 1 credit for their meetings.  To qualify as a phase 1, check out the updated Phase 1 policy at


Event submissions should be emailed to me at

I have also attached a collection of Phase 1 events that have recently been held throughout the state. This may be useful to you as you are considering topics, presenters, partners, and flyer design for future events.  

Andrea Stay

Grants and MAEAP Training Liaison

Environmental Stewardship Division

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

Phone: 517-285-7482