MSU Extension New Educator Program

Friday, March 31, 2017

On May 17-18, MSU Extension is hosting a New Educator Workshop/Technician In-Service event designed to introduce new educators, technicians, and staff to some of the things they will encounter when they get on a farm. We are facing a time when many employees often have little to no knowledge of production agriculture since they were not raised on a farm. In some cases, the closest they have gotten to equipment could be a riding lawnmower. Based on feedback we’ve received and employee requests, several of our agricultural educators put together this program to at least introduce these individuals to a few things, so they feel more confident when stepping onto a farm. We held a similar program two years ago and it was very well received, so we decided to not only offer it again, but also expand it. This year, since it will be on campus, they’ll be offering a day focused on plant agriculture and one on animal agriculture.

Feel free to share it with other partners that would benefit from the training.

I’ve attached a flyer that will provide additional information regarding the program. The registration link for the event is:

Andrea Stay
Grants and MAEAP Training Liaison
Environmental Stewardship Division
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Phone: 517-285-7482