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Conservation Districts Receive Wildlife Habitat Grants

Monday, October 01, 2018

The Michigan Association of Conservation Districts is pleased to announce that five conservation districts received grants through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Habitat Grants. The grant program provides funding to support projects to enhance large wetland complexes, winter deer complexes, mast-producing food sources, forest openings, oak savannas and small-game habitat.

The following conservation districts will receive a portion of the over $1 million in funds available through the program:    

Allegan Conservation District, $81,300
Blue Water Conservation District, $50,700
Clinton Conservation District, $36,000
Clinton Conservation District, $32,700
Lenawee Conservation District, $17,500
Muskegon Conservation District, $36,200

More than a dozen conservation organizations, units of government, landowners and nonprofit groups were awarded a total of $1,037,600 in DNR Wildlife Habitat Grants for projects to be completed by Sept. 30, 2020. 

The Wildlife Habitat Grant Program began in October 2013 and is funded with a portion of the revenue from hunting and fishing licenses sold each year. The program is cooperatively administered by the DNR’s Wildlife Division and Grants Management Section. The grant program’s main objective is to enhance and improve the quality and quantity of game species habitat in support of a specific goal from the DNR Wildlife Division’s strategic plan.

Learn more about the Wildlife Habitat Grant Program at or or contact Clay Buchanan at 517-614-0918 or Chip Kosloski at 517-284-5965. 

Learn more about Michigan Conservation Districts at, or contact Lori Phalen at 517-324-5274.