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Every Day is Earth Day

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Officially, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.  This international holiday has grown from a small fledgling holiday 42 years ago, to an event celebrated in over 192 countries today! 

For me, the Earth Day celebration lasts much longer than one day, I consider April to be "Earth Month".   With spring weather settling in here in Michigan, flowers are blooming, farmers are preparing for spring planting, Conservation Districts are holding spring tree sales, outdoor education programs are gearing up including the Michigan Envirothon program.  Add to this Earth Day and Arbor Day celebrations held throughout the last two weeks of April and you have one busy, outdoorsy month.  

I would like to propose that as individuals, we take the idea of Earth Day to the next level, by making every day an Earth Day.  Can you just imagine what would happen if everyone did one little thing each and every day for our earth, our natural resources?  Just consider the possibilities!