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Allegan CD Awarded Great Lake Commission Grant

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Great Lakes Commission recently awarded the Allegan Conservation District $180,000 for the Performance-Based Agricultural Conservation Project in the Gun River Watershed.

This 3-year performance-based agricultural gran encourages implementation of new best management practices to reduce sediment loading into the Gun River Watershed. Producers/landowners will be eligible to receive reimbursement payments for the implementation of new best management practices on their land through this program. Producers and landowners who are eligible and choose to participate will receive $150.00 for every ton of sediment that is kept on their field(s) by implementing these practices. The Allegan Conservation District is utilizing an innovative program to calculate the total payment a program participant is eligible for before any contracts are signed. Producers/landowners can sign-up any time during the program, receiving yearly reimbursements respective of their enrollment and acceptance into the program.  

The Gun River watershed encompasses 73,272 acres of land that drain into the Kalamazoo River and Allegan Lake before flowing to Lake Michigan. This watershed has been significantly altered, primarily due to agricultural development which is the biggest land use in the area (48%). 

This project proposes to enroll 1,500 acres over the three-year project period, which will reduce sediment loading by an estimated 690 tons. 

For further details, contact Allegan Conservation District Executive Director Tori Harris at (269) 673-6940, ext. 5