2016 Summer Conference Presentations

Event Presentations

Presentations from MACD are made available with permission from event speakers.  Presentations below are from the 2016 Summer Conference.  Click the links below to view.
Collaborating for Conservation - Patrice Martin, Innovative Community Solutions, Inc

Agronomy - Healthier Meat, Healthier Environment - Jeff Rasawehr, Owner - CenterSeeds

Forestry - Can't See the Forest Through the Trees?  Let us guide you! - Kylee Berger, FAP Forester Clare CD; Josh Shields FAP Forester Manistee CD 

Wildlife Habitat - Living the Wild Life:  Opportunities, Conversations and a Well-stocked Toolbox - Mark Sargent, Southwest Region Field Operations Manager MDNR; Mike Parker, Conservation Partners Program Specialist MDNR; Jim Hazelman, Assistant State Coordinator U.S. F&WS
Handout - Tools for the Tool Box

Soil Health - Pull The Trigger - using a sharpshooter to aim at Soil Health with landowners - Justin Morris, Regional Soil Health Specialist NRCS
Secrets of the Soil Logo

Engineering & I/E - Can I Do Engineering Planning:  Yes You Can - Join In To Find Out How! - Christopher Johnson, Area Engineer NRCS; Paula Steiner, Civil Engineer NRCS; Tom Wert, Agricultural Technician Shiawassee CD; Greg Lienau, Soil Conservation Technician NRCS
Agrichemical Handling Facilities Handout
Handout - Useful Links

Closing Address: The Importance of Your Conservation Team -  Mr. Dave White, Co-Founder and Partner of the 9b Group