Conservation District Operations Manual

The District Operations Manual is a combined manual that replaces the previous versions of the Operations Handbook and the Director Handbook. The Operations Manual is a comprehensive guide to Conservation District operations, procedures and business development guidelines.

Operations Manual pdf files:

Table of Contents
Chapter I:  Introduction to Michigan's Conservation Districts
Chapter II: Legal Powers and Responsibilities
Chapter III: District Directors' Duties and Responsibilities
Chapter IV: Conservation District Planning
Chapter V: Hiring and Employment Guidelines
Chapter VI: Taxes and Other Forms Districts Need to File
Chapter VII: Regular and Special Meetings
Chapter VIII: Annual Meeting Requirements
Chapter IX: Annual Report
Chapter X: Reporting, Retention and Disposal Schedules
Chapter XI: Conducting a Tree Sale
Chapter XII: Partners
Chapter XIII: Conservation District Funding
Chapter XIV: Training and Board Development
Chapter XV: Technology Information for Districts
Appendix A: Conservation District Law
Appendix B: Public Acts
Appendix C: Business Information, Requirements
Appendix D: Example Policies and Employee Documents
Appendix E: Annual Meeting
Appendix F: Equipment Rental Agreement
Appendix G: Board Tools
Appendix H: Acronyms

Annual Conservation District Operations Manual Review/Update Process

The Conservation District Operations Manual Feedback Form allows stakeholders to submit constructive feedback pertaining to either additional content inclusion, or to any potential informational errors contained within the manual throughout the year. These submissions collected by MACD, will be reviewed for inclusion in the manual beginning September first of each year.

Accurate and relevant submissions will be included into the official document to be assessed by the operations manual review committee by October first of that same year. An operations manual review committee will meet annually to revise and update the document. This committee will be comprised of the Executive Director of the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts (MACD), a representative of the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA), and a representative from the USDA-NRCS Michigan state office. The committee will meet no later than October first of each year, as to grant sufficient time to have the document revised and updated before November first of that same year.

In this time the manual will undergo a review of any newly adopted feedback submissions as well as any type of content that is most subject to change over time. (Examples: contact information, financial requirements, policies and procedures, etc.) After a full review has been conducted and the necessary updates have been made by both the USDA-NRCS and MDA, the document may receive an official endorsement from each partner before being published on the MACD website.

This process allows for a consistent and efficient way to ensure that the Conservation District operations Manual provides the most accurate and relevant information available.

Operations Manual Feedback Form