Business Tools

MACD is pleased to provide the following tools for Michigan Conservation Districts:

MDARD Regional Coordinators
Employment Guidelines and Tools
Computer Information for Co-located Offices
District Guidelines
IRS Information & Contacts for Determination Letter
Programs of Value
MACD Email and Listserv Assistance
MACD Training Materials
Online Resources

MDARD  Regional Coordinators

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - Environmental Stewardship Division provides assistance to Conservation Districts through five Regional Coordinators.  These individuals provide support and capacity development to districts in order to better help them deliver their mission and operate in a manner consistence with conservation district law. 

MDARD Regional Coordinator Map with Contact Information

Employment Guidelines and Tools

Computers for Districts

Computer workstations identical to those purchased under the USDA contract are available to Conservation Districts direct from the current USDA contractor, Government Acquisitions, Inc. A new district computer purchased through the USDA contractor may be made CCE compatible and connected to the USDA network without cost to the District.  Learn More

District Guidelines

Conservation Districts are governmental subdivision of the state and they are to abide by the parameters set forth in the Conservation District law. The parameters, provide the basic foundation upon which a Conservation District can build their business.  Additionally, the parameters must be adhered to in order for a Conservation District to host a MDARD sponsored grant program.
A set of guidelines has been created to assist Conservation Districts in abiding by the Conservation District law.  Created by MACD and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Environmental Stewardship Division, the guidelines assist a District in maintaining a base level of management accountability. 

District Guidelines

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Information for Conservation Districts

IRS website for Federal, State and Local Governments: LINK

Charitable contributions to governmental units are tax-deductible under section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code if made for a public exemption status (for accepting private donations and other puposes).  To request a copy of the IRS determination letter, contact MACD.

Programs of Value:

MiDeal is an extended purchasing program which allows Michigan local units of government to use state contracts to buy goods and services.  Learn more by visiting the MiDEAL web page.

MACD Email and Listservs:

MACD offers CD staff and board members with a web-based email system and several listservs to help Conservation Districts stay connected and informed with each other and Michigan's natural resource conservation community. 

To obtain an email account, contact MACD at, and provide the following:

  • First and last name of account holder
  • Conservation District name
  • Employment status: staff, administrator, board member

Listservs include:

  • = general listserv which includes CD staff, board members, agency staff and partners.  Utilized for general communication purposes.
  • = specific listserv for CD administrators, select board members and MDARD Regional Coordinators.
  • = specific listserv for district and NRCS staff who utilize the NRCS Toolkit system.
  • = specific listserv for individuals involved in 319 grants.

Online Information to Sync email system to Outlook

  • Supported IMAP client list -
  • Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook® -
  • How to Sync Outlook and Google Apps -,2817,2415462,00.asp
  • Die-hard Outlook fans can have the best of both worlds with Google Apps Sync -

Contact MACD with your listserv requests, questions or access issues at with your request outlined in the message title.

** District managers, please inform MACD when staff and board members change so that listservs and email accounts remain up to date!

MACD Training Materials:

A series of downloadable training modules is available on the Training page.  These "self-taught" presentations can be used to teach directors and staff the basic operations of Conservation Districts. The intent of these modules is to have education materials readily available to conduct "in-house" training in District offices and are especially useful when new directors are elected or new staff members are hired.

MACD event presentations are also housed on the Training Page.  Session presentations from MACD training events will be housed on the site for one year.

Visit the Training page for a comprehensive listing of modules and downloadable presentation files.

On Line Resources:

There are many websites that provide materials of interest to Conservation Districts. Find below a list of online resources that may be of interest. If you know of others, please contact and it will be added to this list.

EPA Water Home Page.  The EPA has a great deal of information available through the "water" website.  Information includes EPA news, education and training, grants, pollution prevention and control.  Click the link to connect to this resource. 

Michigan Water Stewardship Program website contains many homeowner and student educational resources.

The Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI). An online repository for documents about proposed and completed dam removal projects across the country.

Rose Lake Plant Materials Center's Conservation Plant Release Webpage provides a table of plant materials released by the Rose Lake PMC.