Training Modules

The Michigan Association of Conservation Districts provides in-person training opportunities for Conservation District board and staff members throughout the year.  Presentation and session materials from these events are posted to this web page, below the listing of the training modules. 

Additionally, MACD offers thirteen "self-taught" training modules that can be used to teach directors and staff the basic operations of Conservation Districts. The intent of these modules is to have education materials readily available to conduct "in-house" training in District offices.  These modules are especially useful when new directors are elected or new staff members are hired, and training is not immediately available.

Each module includes reference materials and notes (to help assist those conducting the training), and should take 15- 30 minutes to complete.

Conservation District Training Modules
MODULE 1: The Basics of Michigan Conservation Districts

Learn what Conservation Districts are, what they are supposed to do, and who are the people involved in getting the job done.

MODULE 2: The History & Future of Conservation Districts Learn the history of Conservation Districts, the current trends in land use, and how Districts are meeting the needs of landowners.
MODULE 3: Partners in Conservation Learn about the various agencies and organizations that assist Conservation Districts.
MODULE 4: District Director Responsibilities Learn the characteristics of successful Conservation District directors, their duties and responsibilities, and their role in personnel management.
Coming soon! Conservation District Finances Learn how Conservation Districts are funded, the importance of financial planning and budgeting, understanding financial statements, and maintaining financial controls.
MODULE 6: Michigan's Freedom of Information Act Learn the ins and out’s of Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act and why Conservation Districts must abide by it.
MODULE 7: MDA Contracts and Master Agreements Understand various contracts that Districts receive from the Michigan Department of Agriculture including the District Operation Grant.
MODULE 8: Conducting Board Meetings Learn the correct way to conduct regular and special meetings of the Conservation District Board by using parliamentary procedures and staying in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.
MODULE 9: Understanding & Developing District Policy Learn the importance of writing clear, concrete board policies.
MODULE 10: Building Legislative Relationships Learn how to keep elected officials informed about District programs and issues effecting natural resources in your community.
MODULE 11: Planning for the Future (includes the Resource Assessment, Strategic Plan, and Annual Plan of Work) Learn the importance of planning for the Districts fundamental purposes through strategic planning, resource assessments, and annual plans of work.
MODULE 12: Board Recruitment & Board Diversity Learn ideas and methods to recruit District board members that will improve the board’s responsiveness to the community they serve.
MODULE 13: Media Relations & Outreach Learn how to give the key information you need to get media coverage of District issues, projects and other activities.