2019 Director Workshops

District leadership starts with exceptional directors guiding local programming that is effective and strongly supported by the community. Grow your understanding and build your district's leadership foundation by attending a 2019 Director Workshop.  

What others are saying:

"The workshops provide an opportunity to dig deeper and understand responsibilities of a CD director.  An opportunity to learn and have your questions answered!"  Kalamazoo Director Workshop Participant

"Very informative and the networking with other directors is a plus."  Flint workshop participant

2019 Locations and Dates: 

The 2019 Director Workshops are currently being scheduled.  Information and registration details will be posted to this page in the weeks ahead.

Workshop Presenters: 
Patrice Martin
Vice President
Innovative Community Solutions
Steve Law             
Capacity Programs Manager
Mi Association of Conservation Districts     
John Switzer
Environmental Programs Manager
MI Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development 

Workshop Topics: 

Conservation Districts and Their Partners
Conservation Districts partner with many local and statewide groups and organizations.  But the two main agencies that assist Conservation Districts are the Michigan Department of agriculture & Rural Development and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.  This section will cover how each entity operates independently and interdependently for maximum performance.  Benefits and challenges of districts being co-located and non-co-located will also be covered.

Board Members - From Recruitment to Retirement
The success of the District is dependent on the performance of its directors.  Understanding your board culture, recruiting and onboarding new directors and planning for succession are critical elements that create and support the high performing board culture to which every District aspires.  This section will explore the lifecycle of a board member and how to ensure a successful experience for everyone.

Best Meetings Ever
As a governmental entity, Conservation Districts are subject to the Open Meetings Act, among others.  Learn how to plan, structure and conduct your meetings for the best possible outcomes, while ensuring transparency and accountability.

Planning for Success 
How a District goes about preparing a long-range plan of work is as important as the plan itself.  This section will explore how to use your community assessment data to drive your strategic plans, produce effective outcomes and continually generate community support.  Learn how to broaden your perspective of how to fund your District, while building and sustaining critical, local relationships.

While this training is specifically aimed at directors, especially newer directors, all directors and district managers will benefit from participation. 

Questions?  Please contact MACD:  517-324-5274