Forest Conservation

Michigan Forests

Michigan forests are an incredible resource, with just over half of the state in forest cover.  Drive through the countryside and it becomes apparent that Michigan has an abundance of forestland!  More amazing is that 57% of Michigan's forests are owned by non-industrial private landowners.  Not the State of Michigan and not the large corporate land owners, but regular landowners such as the farmer next door, the retiree who owns a hunting camp in the Upper Peninsula and the homeowner who cuts his own firewood on his ten acres.

Michigan Land Base Statistics:

Total Land Base: 37 million acres

Forested Land Base: 19.3 million acres

Non-industrial private landowners have an important role to play in the management of this extensive and incredibly important resource.  Active management of this land base, whether for recreation, hunting, timber or wildlife, is very beneficial and will provide many immediate and lasting benefits. 

MACD encourages you to learn more about Michigan's forests and become involved in active management of this vital resource!

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