Workshop Wednesday!

Workshop and Field Trip descriptions are provided in alphabetical order.

Closing the Deal With Rural Landowners:  Perfecting the People Skills of Agricultural Outreach

Learn the tricks of the trade that top “ag whisperers” use to get voluntary conservation projects in the ground. If you need more landowners to take you up on your offer, this course is for you! 

Part 1: Landowners and Their Perspective. We will explore how landowners make decisions about BMPs, CREP, easements, forest management plans, and habitat restoration. You will learn to spot the telltale signs that a landowner might be receptive.

Part 2: First Contact. You will learn how ag whisperers cultivate their personal reputation among landowners, and make the first approach. 

Part 3: Staying Organized and Following Up. We will explore how top “ag whisperers” stay in front of their prospects (and keep upper management off their backs, too). 

This workshop is presented by Eric Eckl, Owner and Founder of Water Words That Work, as part of the Western Lake Erie Basin Farmer-Led Watershed Conservation Project funded through the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation.


MI Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society Field Trip: MI Local Hops Bringing High Quality Hops to the Midwest

** REQUEST:  For headcount purposes please RVSP to Daniel Kesselring at  Provide your name and informing him that you plan to participate in the Field Trip.  

Join us for a tour of MI Local Hops, one of the largest hops production farm and harvesting, processing and storage facilities in the Midwest.  We will have a discussion of Hops production including: planting of Hops and building of trellis system, stock and variety selection,  pest and nutrient management, irrigation requirements and more.  We will then tour the state of the art hopsl processing, pelletizing, blending, and cold storage facilities which have just went through the second harvest season in 2017. This farm completed MAEAP Farmstead and Cropping verifications in May 2016.  Come learn about all aspects of the hops industry from the MSU Extension educators and the amazing team from MI Local Hops that have traveled the world learning about Hops Production.

Project Wild Certification Course

Increase your District's potential and skills for outreach and education by becoming a certified Project Wild educator!  Project WILD is a wildlife-focused conservation education program. 

From the tiny minnow to the majestic grizzly, wildlife and humans are integrally connected. Project WILD links students and wildlife through its mission to provide wildlife-based conservation and environmental education that fosters responsible actions toward wildlife and related natural resources. Learn and leave with tools to provide your local audience with fun, and educational activities that will help in the making of informed decisions, responsible behavior, and constructive action concerning wildlife and the environment.

Qualified Forest Program for Forestry Assistance Program Participants

Join Forestry Assistance Program Foresters for an in depth look at the Qualified Forest Program.  Topics include:

Qualified Forest Program: Tax Bills, Savings, and the School Aid Fund - How to read a tax bill and help forestland owners understand what a 16-mill reduction equates to in dollars and cents. This includes scenarios where there is a building, making the calculation more complicated. Participants will also learn about QFP’s impact on the School Aid Fund and how the State of Michigan replaces lost funds.

QFP: Productivity and Marketing - What happens if a timber harvest results in a decrease in forest productivity and the parcel no longer meets minimum productivity standards? How long does the landowner have to restore productivity? This session helps CDs navigate the QFP when things don’t quite go according to plan. QFP staff will also discuss program marketing efforts to enroll more acres. FAP foresters are encouraged to share strategies that they have found effective in communicating the benefits and convincing landowners to enroll.

QuickBooks New Users Workshop

This hands-on workshop will provide new users with an overview of QuickBooks.  How to get around the program and basics new users need to understand including how classes work, reports for boards, bank reconciliations, and more.  Please bring your laptop with QuickBooks loaded.