Training for MAEAP Water Stewardship Technicians is provided by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service.  Please click on the below links to download the Training schedules.

MAEAP 2017 Training Plan 1.1.17 MAEAP 2017 Training Plan 1.1.17 (137 KB)

NRCS 2016 Training Plan NRCS 2016 Training Plan (7187 KB)

G.S. Points

G.S. Points are now available on this website.  All G.S. Points are stored on the G.S. Points page for technicians to easily find past messages of interest.  Click the above G.S. Points tab, or click here to view the G.S. Points page.     











Useful Links

Other useful links are found in this section to assist you with quick access to MAEAP program websites and others that are frequently used by technicians.
Introduction for New Technicians

Orientation Guide for New Technicians

MAEAP Website

Michigan Water Stewardship Program Website