Welcome to the Michigan Envirothon!

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2020 Regional Competitions canceled


Michigan Envirothon presents environmental education in a unique team-based competitive format.  

The Michigan Envirothon program provides an exciting, hands-on experience to today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders!


 An Introduction to Michigan Envirothon

Established in 1994, this statewide environmental education program for high school students is the largest of its kind. In Envirothon, teams of up to five students and one alternate member utilize resource materials and local resource professionals to gain a knowledge and understanding of the following natural resource subject areas: agriculture, aquatic ecology, energy, forestry, soils/geology, wildlife, and a current environmental issue that varies every year. The Michigan Envirothon program focuses on using the outdoors as a classroom and utilizes diverse “eco-stations” as competition testing sites.

The Competition

Teams compete at regional competitions throughout the Michigan in February & March of every year.  After regional scores and community outreach scores are ranked, the top 24 teams advance to the State competition held in May.

Envirothon teams conduct community outreach projects to address a real-life resource concern in their community through hands-on problem solving and community education. 

At the state competition, teams will give an oral presentation to a panel of judges. They also take written tests at outdoor eco-stations in each of the natural resource subject areas. 

Test scores and community outreach project scores are combined to determine the overall 1st Place Team, who will represent Michigan at the International NCF Envirothon Competition.

To learn more about the NCF Envirothon competition, visit their website.

Why Michigan Envirothon?

  • Michigan Envirothon’s learning objectives are aligned with the State of Michigan’s grade level content expectations (GLCEs) for science curriculum.
  • Diverse and far-reaching partnerships, both in public and private sectors.
  • Addresses current and critical environmental issues.
  • Involves public schools, charter schools, home schools, technical/career centers, nature centers, youth groups, 4-H, FFA and more.
  • High degree of volunteer involvement from key stakeholders, which helps to keep administrative costs low.
  • Provides a unique learning opportunity for high school students by paring them with experts from current natural resource related fields
  • Incorporates energy conservation, agriculture and community outreach projects – the only Envirothon program in North America to do so.