2019 MACD Annual Meeting

MACD Region Meetings

MACD Annual Meeting

The MACD Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 29, 8:00 – 11:45am during the MACD Fall Convention. 

Conservation District directors, members and guests of the Association are invited to attend.

Annual Meeting Business Items – the following items will be discussed:

  • Election of Officers
  • Resolutions for Consideration
  • Financial Report
  • Legislative Report
  • Officer and Staff Reports

Officer Election – the following nominees being brought forward by the Election Committee to run for the two-year officer positions.  Nominees are listed in alphabetical order by position.  

President Nominees:

  • Randy Gentz – Marquette CD Chair
  • Gerald Miller – current MACD Vice President and Kent CD Acting Chair 

Vice President Nominees:

  • Elaine Brown – current MACD Secretary-Treasurer and Clinton CD Treasurer
  • Paul Schroeder – current MACD Region 7 Vice Chair and Muskegon CD Chair

Secretary-Treasurer Nominees:

  • Nancy Szikszay – current MACD Region 9 Chair and Genesee CD Treasurer
  • Tom White – current MACD Region 2 Vice Chair and Schoolcraft CD Chair

Candidate biographies and images are coming soon.

Resolutions for Consideration:

MACD Region Meetings and Region Officer Elections

The ten MACD Regions will meet at 4:45pm on Monday at the close of the educational sessions. The region meetings provide the opportunity for District board and staff members to discuss regional topics and resolutions that will be presented during the MACD Annual Meeting.

Regions 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 will be electing Region Officers during the region meetings, and Region 1 and 5 will be holding special elections to elect Regional Officers to fill partial terms.

MACD Annual Meeting Policy and Association Bylaw Resolutions

MACD requests that resolutions for deliberation at the Annual Meeting be filed with the Association by September 10th. Submitted resolutions will be distributed to membership by September 15th.

Conservation Districts, Regional Councils, Association Committees and the State Council may propose a resolution, with resolutions accepted by the Association throughout the year.

Resolutions to be submitted for deliberation at the Annual Meeting must to be filed with the Association by September 10th.  Submitted resolutions will be distributed to membership by September 15th.

Resolution Timeline:
Tuesday, September 10 – Last Day to Submit Resolutions
Monday, September 15 – Resolutions Distributed to Membership

Submitting a resolution? Be sure to review the MACD’s Resolution Process and Instructions first. Resolutions are to be submitted by email to Lori Phalen at lori.phalen@macd.org.


MACD Policies and Development Process

MACD provides members with the opportunity to participate in the development of policy recommendations on local, state and national agriculture and natural resource issues.  MACD, as a member-driven organization, utilize policies to provide direction to the association for the decisions to support or oppose an action, decision, or legislation.

MACD Policy Book

Policy Development Timeline


Event Registration is now Open!

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Contact Lori Phalen at lori.phalen@macd.org for further information.